The controversy with the national flag on the helmet is not new to the Indian players. Firstly, it was Sachin Tendulkar. The master was criticised for wearing the tri-colour below the BCCI logo. As the controversy fumed, Sachin started to use the tricolour over the logo. Other players like Kohli follows the master’s path but here’s why Dhoni who stopped wearing the tri-colours.


According to a Quora user, this is because he believes it is disrespectful and against the law. Wicket-keepers rotate between wearing and removing their helmets, depending on whether or not they’re standing up at the stumps. If they’re not wearing it, they tend to place it on the ground behind them since sending it back to the dressing room each time isn’t plausible.

Dhoni, apparently, hates the idea of placing the Indian flag on the ground. This explains it all although if it’s just a fan theory.

If it’s all true, it is another reason to love India’s most celebrated captain.