If Royal Challengers Bangalore win today:

1. They will stay in contention and must need to win the last match against Royals.

2. Mumbai and Punjab will need to win their next two matches to stay in the contention.

3. Though Mumbai won yesterday, their net run-rate has come down because of the close win. If RCB win by a huge margin in both the games, they will go ahead of Mumbai.

4. Royals will need to beat RCB and hope that Mumbai loses to Delhi Daredevils. Then, their superior NRR compared to Kings XI should help them seal the last playoff spot even if Kings XI beat CSK.

5. Kings XI’s only hope of qualifying would be to win their last game by a huge margin and hope Mumbai and RCB lose theirs.

6. KKR will get through if they win their last match and if not, they still can make the playoffs if MI or RCB loses a match.


If Royal Challengers Bangalore lose today:

1. They still can make it if they defeat Royals by a huge margin assuming that if both Punjab and Mumbai go down.

2. Mumbai will go through if they beat Daredevils. Even if they lose, they will go through assuming Kings XI and Royals lose, and if they stay ahead of RCB on NRR.

3. Kings XI’s best bet would be to hope for Mumbai to lose, and for RCB to beat Royals. Then they will qualify with 14 points if they beat CSK, without net run-rate coming into play as Mumbai, Royals and RCB will all finish on 12.

4. KKR will qualify unless this happens- Mumbai win, KKR lose by a huge margin, and Royals/Kings XI win big to go past them on NRR.

5. Royals must beat RCB and hope that Mumbai loses. Then, their NRR should keep them ahead of Kings XI, unless Kings XI post a huge win against CSK.