Cricket, the beautiful game of bat and ball, has earned the distinction of being the gentleman’s game. Every one wants to talk about those “gentlemen”. The men who rule it, the men who govern it, the men who play it are what everyone really cares about. But in the quest to be close to the men, the world has forgotten to take note of the women who make these men. Just like the Universe isn’t complete without the fairer sex, the cricketers we revere aren’t complete without these women.

Most people know about Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj Singh’s mother who stood like a rock when her son went through the most horrific phase of his life. But not many know about Ajinkaya Rahane’s mother who would walk for 2 kilometers in scorching Mumbai heat so that her son could have the best practice possible. Can anyone forget the mature gesture by Megan Hughes who spent time with Sean Abbott in the hospital even when her brother was being taken away from her? It’s easy to be jealous of the WAGs when they come to support their men in the stadiums but no one gives a thought about the harsh loneliness they must face when their husbands/boyfriends are on long tours overseas. No one can argue with the Indian belief that daughters bring good luck and prosperity for their fathers. Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner and Gautam Gambhir would agree.

“Women hold up half the sky” says a Chinese proverb and it rings true for the women administrators and players in Cricket who hold their head high in this men oriented game. Diana Edulji, former Indian player turned administrator, has often expressed her displeasure in public over the way BCCI treats the women’s team. It’s a lovely sight to see Nita Ambani and Preity Zinta cheer for their team from the stands along with taking important decisions at the auction table. The grit with which women like Mithali Raj, Sarah Taylor, Charlotte Edwards play cricket is second to none. Players turned commentators Isa Guha and Anjum Chopra could give the others a run for their money.

So, Lets celebrate the zeal, the enthusiasm and the devotion of these seldom talked about she-roes of the game we love through our O+ campaign where we pay tribute to these women by bringing to you the tales of the sacrifices, the hard work and the undying love of some women who have made the game richer throughout the week.