How many times?

Dhoni won the match for his team not with his shots but with running between the wickets.

How many times?

He kept pushing his partner to convert dots into ones, ones into twos.
He always likes to put the pressure on the opponent fielder.

When the yo-yo tests, other fitness inquiries have created a buzz among the Indian cricketers, Dhoni who is not a big fan of the fancy gym like other players, is at the age of 36- still one of the fittest. He is the king when it comes to sprinting.

Recently, his video of running between the wickets went viral. It was initially uploaded by Star Sports and was taken during the second T20I against Australia, which the visitors won by 8 wickets.

Video Courtesy: Star Sports


In that video, he begins after working the ball on the leg side, takes the first run quickly, turns, sprints and completes the second run faster before the ball arrives at the keeper’s glove. At the same time, his partner Kedhar Jadhav is still half-way. Dhoni clocked 31 km/h while the 32-year-old Jadhav timed 25 km/h.

In August, he even posted a picture of himself with Suresh Raina and Kedar Jadhav on Instagram with the caption, “NCA all test’s done. 20 mtr in 2.91sec. Run a 3 done in 8.90sec. Time for heavy lunch”

NCA all test's done.20 mtr in 2.91sec. Run a 3 done in 8.90sec.time for heavy lunch

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The former skipper is the fresh proof that the age just a number. His amazing speed and fitness allowed him to go for this long at the international level while his critics keep demanding for answers about his future.

Dhoni is expected to play at least till the 2019 world cup in England.