A video that is shared by the twitter handle of Muthoot Group is making rounds in the social media today.
In the video, we see the CSK captain MS Dhoni answers a question of a young fan at one of the ‘meet and greet’ CSK meetings organised by Muthoot Group.

The kid questions Dhoni- “Why do you keep standing behind the wicket? Why don’t you let somebody wicket-keep and you go and bowl take wickets?

While the question brought smiles, Dhoni got candid as well.

He replies- ” You know in T20 cricket especially, they hit the bowlers a lot… I don’t want.. I don’t like getting hit on the field. So, That’s why I prefer wicket-keeping. It’s a lot easier, you know it’s like a glamorous spot. You know, I’m the one wearing pads, having gloves and it’s like a goal-keeper in Football where you can yell at everyone, and nobody yells back at you. It’s always a good spot to be in that’s why and I don’t want to get hit on the field.”

Watch the video here-