We are accomplished cricketers at all levels, we are engineering masterminds, we are business savvy, we are skilled practitioners, we are better than everyone else. Just kidding, but we surely are maniacal cricket fans. We love to follow cricket, engage and debate during games, we love to one-up our friends, we know a little bit of software. Put one and one together, you get Cricking. We didn’t say we are good at Math.

The current landscape of cricket apps and websites do not provide the x-factor we craved for. They are cluttered with an overdose of statistics or too basic with no engagement with our friends and foes. Most of them lack the subtle technical innovation that could enhance the experience of a fan interacting with platforms. Cricking walks this fine line with just what you need. A beautiful clutter free user interface for your cricket needs, news, stats and updates at your fingertips, an entertaining ball-by-ball prediction game, all adding up to a rewarding experience before, during and after all cricket matches. What’s more, you ask – we understand not everyone is a Zimbabwe cricket fan, so we allow you to personalize content to suit you – leagues, teams and players and most importantly work towards building an ecosystem, a fan based one, that emphasizes connectivity, interactivity, engageability and excitability.

We strive to make your cricket experience a little better, every play, every day.



Leadership Team

Sathish Chittibabu

Chief Executive Officer

Karthik Jayakumar

Chief Operating Officer

Karthik Ganesan

Customer Engagement Expert

Aravind Sampath

Chief Business Development Officer


Prasanna Sugavanam

Technical Advisor

Amit Vohra

Strategic Advisor

Bharath Subramanian

Legal Counsel (India)

Byron S. Kalogerou

General Counsel (US)