The Indian Premier League has provided a great platform for all the aspiring young Indian cricketers to showcase their talent. If you had been following keenly, some of the unheard names in the cricketing circle turned into match-winners for their respective sides. One such performer who played a lead role in guiding his team to the tournament’s finale was the 17-year-old cricketer from Tamil Nadu — Washington Sundar. His scintillating performance against Mumbai Indians in the Qualifier 1 has certainly put him in the spotlight. But apart from his remarkable performance, the major talking point has been the secret behind his famous name.

Was he born in Washington? Nope. His father M. Sundar, reveals the secret behind the mystery name.

“I am a Hindu and come from a very humble family. Two streets away from my home in Triplicane lived an ex-army man called P.D. Washington,” Sundar said while speaking to the Hindu.

He added, “I was poor and he would buy uniform for me, pay my school fee, get me books, take me to the ground in his cycle and constantly encourage me.”

Sundar was a cricketer himself who made it to the Ranji probables. Though he didn’t make it to the final squad, Sundar said Washington played a big part in his shot-spanned cricketing career. Washington passed away in 1999 just few months before Sundar’s first child was born. So in memory of him, Sundar named his son Washington.

He said ” I decided to name him Washington in memory of the man who had done so much for me. Had I had a second son, I would have called him Washington Jr.”