It is undeniable that the once mighty Australia looks terrible in the recent times- the inexperienced line-up; over dependency on the top three; inconsistent bowling attack, and it goes on.

Among the multiple reasons available, here are three more!


For any team that is travelling, food has been a major concern. The players are more specific about their food these days to avoid sickness. Recently, the Australian team were reportedly irked over the food that was provided by the Cricket Association of Bengal before their 2nd ODI.

Australian cricketers wanted their chicken to be grilled at “73-degree centigrade”; a demand CAB apparently could not meet. This did not go down too well with the Aussies. Now, a personal chef- Mandaar Sukhtankar from Hyderabad is appointed and he travels with the Australian team.

In the ODI series, Having lost the first three, Aaron Finch’s comeback helped the team to win the fourth, but Kane Richardson’s spell in the death was equally vital.

Later, He fell sick before the next match. If not for that, It could have been 3-2 easily, a confidence-lift for the team coming into the T20I series.

Pitch Conditions:

Some of the players in the Australian team haven’t played in India, yes, some did during the IPL. Take team India, they know the conditions very well, they know how the pitch is going to play; unfortunate for Australia that the team’s practice was also been cancelled for most of the matches due to the rain and wet outfield. Not knowing the conditions well can hurt the team in a way.

Not rotating the strike:

The batting inconsistency hurts Australia, is well known but the players especially the middle-order batsmen didn’t try to rotate the strike much. They either tried for the big shots or kept quiet. The no. of dot balls for each player is huge. While their counterparts did wonderfully in that section. They kept the scoreboard ticking. Had the dot balls been converted to singles and ones to twos, the 290 would have been a 320; 320 would have been a 350. That’s easily a challenging score.